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Note: You can access the transcript and video description by hovering the mouse over the video and clicking on the 'i' icon in upper right corner of the video, after clicking 'Watch Now.'

Mission Statement and Purpose

Deaf Woke Artistic Wellness (#DeafWokeArtisitcWellness) focuses on the community of Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH), DeafBlind, and Plus-Disabled BIPOC people who face challenges in their daily lives, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


#DeafWokeArtisticWellness enlightens them to share their daily resources to support, uplift, and raise awareness with each other, including with others who come to this center of self-help and educational resources. This ideal brings the BIPOC community to learn and thrive creatively in their daily lives, improving wellness and becoming better in their mental health. 

Also, this center of self-advocate resources encourages them to gain new knowledge about becoming independent. The access to communication with closed captions and transcripts in friendly visuals gives full access to the BIPOC community of Deaf, HOH, DeafBlind, and Plus-Disabled people of any age, educational background, gender, and religion.


#DeafWokeArtisitcWellness brings to them the great benefits of improved living skills for their mental health and wellness creatively in every inspiration in well beings.

#DeafWokeArtisticWellness is supported in part by the California Arts Council and is a project of Urban Jazz Dance Company which is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts. Visit:



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